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The most searched things nowadays include bundles of names. Whether it is fashion, movies, videos, or the beauty section. Everything is browsed over the internet couple of times. People belonging to different sectors search according to their needs. Today in our context, we are going to discuss some of the major personalities, either fictional or real life, that are searched more than once on the internet.
The internet and especially Google has turned the world upside down. Every single thing can be searched out, the same is the case in what we are going to discuss today.
These can include cartoons of Netflix-based celebrities. You can entertain and get knowledge about these popular people in the world

Most Searched Celebrities On Google

Levi Ackerman: Attack on Titans

The Attack on Titan Anime or Manga Series would be familiar to you if you are interested in watching anime series. The Manga Series is a famous comic that belongs to Japan. It shows the background of the late 19th century in Japan. The word “Manga”, stands for comics plus cartoons in the Japanese language. This Anime series included some of the highest-rated comic editions in the country.
Attack on Titan is another big name of the animated cartoon series. With a rating of about 96%, this series is based on man-eating Titans, 100 years back than the current day. The first episode of the anime television series was aired on 7th April 2013. This Anime series has all genres included in it; post-apocalyptic, a bit of romance, dark fantasy, action, revenge, friendships, and emotional attachments. This is also Japan-based with many characters that can create your interest in this series. This dark fantasy is produced by Wit Studio.

Captain of The Series: Levi Ackerman

The captain of this show is Levi Ackerman. He is the main character of this TV show. The captain of the Survey Corps. Not only this he is included in many other series such as Mikasa and Manga Series. This fictional character has gained such fame that every Anime lover knows his specifications and role in the comic.

Levi’s Background

Levi Ackerman is created with a serious nature, unsocial attitude, and followers of his rules. He has been created by Hajime Isayama. He has been introduced to a world where the cities are protected with huge walls from the Titans. They consume humans without any reason. The characters are related to the army as from an early age they are trained to fight against the Titans. The graduates are categorized into different defense positions like the army. These categories include Garrison Regiments, Survey Corps, and Military Police Brigade. Levi was born to a sex worker named Kuchel Ackermann. She got this child from one of her clients. Her brother, Kenny Ackermann, found Levi at the side of his mother’s bed, and she was dead. Kenny was the person who raised this orphan child. He taught him many strategic skills that made him different than other kids of his age. Kenny was the reason behind his harsh and violent behavior because he wanted Levi to be tough against the enemies. These skills included knife attacking and fighting skills. These all were helpful in learning young Levi to survive against risks in his life. Once he left Levi in an unknown place only to teach him how to live by himself.
Soon, Levi met a person who later became his best friend, named Furlan Church. They created a gang against the Titans. They welcomed many people to their gang including boys and girls.

Levi Ackerman’s Age

The age where we see Levi Ackerman fighting and being the main character of the timeline is 30.

Levi Ackermann’s Personality

A 30-year-old man with harsh and rude behavior. This all came into his personality due to his uncle, Kenny. A person with some huge dark secrets, Levi is the captain of the gang with amazing leadership qualities. His serious personality scares the other members of the gang. He usually has frowning or angry expressions on his face.

Levi Ackerman’s Physiques

Levi has a height of 5’3. Black straight hair, bold grey-colored eyes with dark circles revealing his sleepless nights. Thoughts are about the enemies and battles against them. Overall his face is covered with the freshness of his youth. The muscles of his body are well-developed and he is a strong man.

Levi Ackerman’s Love Life

Being an unexpressive person, Levi Ackerman’s love interest is mysterious. The series does not focus on the romance genre a lot, but Levi had some feelings for Hange Zoe. They had the best on-screen chemistry, it was felt in all the episodes. Levi does not feel happy around other people except Hange Zoe. It is not clear, but Hange can be Levi’s love interest. We could witness Hange being his future girlfriend in the unreleased series.

Levi Ackerman’s Friendships

His best friends include Furlan Church and later he meets Erwin Smith. Platonically, Erwin is the person who understands him well.

The Cutest Kawaii Girls

The Anime lovers will definitely know what are Kawaii Anime Girls. Kawaii actually means ‘cute’. It is a true part of Japanese culture. The Japanese are quite obsessed with cuteness. The biggest example of this Kawaii culture is Hello Kitty, frocks with frills all around, and anime cartoons. We got this trend from Japan and it’s famous throughout the world.
We are going to mention some popular Kawaii Anime Girls:

Three Cutest Kawaii Girls

  • Megunim Anime: KonoSuba

The Arch Wizard of Crimson Magic Clan lives in the Fantasy World. This fictional character is one of the central characters of the KonoSuba series. She has the power of producing Explosion Magic. She loves to hang out with her mates and loves firing magic explosions.
Megunim’s Goals:
Her major goal is to defeat the Demon King and reach the peak of Explosion Magic.
Megunim’s Love Interest:
Satou Kazuma is her boyfriend.

  • Ochako Uraraka

This Anime character is famous around the globe. She is one of the main characters in the Manga Series. She is also included in My Hero Academia. She is coupled with Deku in the My Hero Academia.
Ochako’s Features:
She is a short girl with a beautiful curvy figure. Fair color of the skin and pink blushed cheeks. Her eyelashes are beautifully thick which makes her look attractive. Her hair is shoulder-length, brown in color. Overall, she looks very pretty in the show. She mostly wears a regular uniform at her school and is seen in this attire throughout the episode. Her hair is tied into a typical ponytail.

  • Rem

She is the cutest kawaii anime girl of all time. She is one of the twin maids who work for Roswaal L Mathers. She is the politest person you can know. Her personality is very attractive. She is seen in Re: Zero animated series. She is a little irresponsible and does everything wrong.

Rem’s Boyfriend:

Subaru is the person she was interested in, but now she has him as her boyfriend. She turned completely different after deeply falling in love with him. He was the one who saved her life. After that, this romantic journey continues till the current day, and she is very loyal to her.

Rem’s Features:

She has beautiful sky blue medium hair. She always wears a flower-shaped ribbon in her hair and a maid uniform. Her looks add more to her attitude.

The Attractive Man Alive: Nicholas Galitzine

If you are a regular Netflix user, then you must be aware of the name, “Nicholas Galitzine”. He has also appeared in some famous Hollywood movies, like Cinderella and others.


Born on the 29th of September 1994, Nicholas is an English actor. He has got some unignorably amazing looks that make him a perfect actor and model. He belongs to a family with Russian background. He studied in Dulwich College, London, but after that pursued acting as a profession.
Break-Through in Acting:
He got a breakthrough from some good movies he signed. His first role was in the film, The Beat Beneath My Feet in 2014. High Strung was the first American drama that took him to the peak of success. Currently, he played the role of Prince Roberts in the Cinderella movie opposite Camilla Cabello in the year 2021.


Cinderella (2021)
The Beat Beneath My Feet (2014)
Handsome Devil (2016)
High Strung (2016)
The Craft: Legacy (2020)
The Changeover (2017)
Share (2019)
And Purple Hearts (Post Production)

Television-Based Work

He worked in Legends as Angelo. In The Watcher in the Woods, he starred as Mark Fleming, and in Chambers, he appeared to be Elliot Lefevre.

Interesting Fact About Nicholas Galitzine

Almost many people don’t know, but Nicholas is a game of very good rugby and football player. He got appreciation throughout his school and college life for his amazing rugby and football skills.

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